Our Services


  • Additional channel to choose business ideas at one place
  • Instant customer access
  • Access to existing suppliers, lenders and goodwill
  • Reduction in gestation/setup Period
  • Assets acquisition at a reasonable price
  • Access to trained Employees
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  • Platform to sell by listing businesses as a going concern/running basis
  • Platform for seeking equity investment without giving up the majority control of business
  • Enable sellers getting better business valuations & investor options
  • Better price, which could not be achieved in case of sale of individual assets
  • Opportunity to encash goodwill
  • Access to host of Angel Investors and Seed Capital
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  • Platform for investors to invest in promising businesses as an active or passive investor
  • Platform for individuals looking for credible business ideas
  • Returns from day one as investment is in an existing business
  • Investment as a minority shareholder starting with 5% shares
  • Platform for angel investors looking for next big business ideas
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